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    Nipsey Hussle: A Los Angeles Leader

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    By Milan Cross Ermias Asghedom was a rapper, artist, entrepreneur, community activist, father, and most importantly, a leader. Better known by his stage name, Nipsey…

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    Items a Day

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    By Samantha Grigg I have always been a list maker. I write out daily to do lists, consisting of small and large goals to achieve…

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    Rowing to the Top

    300 413 Ellen Ensher

    By Caroline Chavos Monday through Saturday at 5:05 A.M. an alarm goes off… and yes, it is mine. I lay in my bed and truthfully…

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    Engaging in Disengagement

    418 574 Ellen Ensher

    By Madison Colbert Learning that the engagement rate of employees across the world is an extremely low percentage was shocking to me. Reflecting back to…

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    Eternal lessons in the Eternal City

    800 600 Ellen Ensher

    By Melanie Chan As my study abroad experience in Rome comes to an end I can confidently say that it was an enriching and enthralling…

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    Becoming me in Rome

    768 1024 Ellen Ensher

    By Rachel Caruso I have one semester left of college and I knew that studying abroad this summer was my last chance to fulfill a…

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    Enlightenment: A Globally Immersive Experience

    800 1000 Ellen Ensher

    By Jp Tamayo For the past several years of my life, since my early teens, my dream job has been to one day be the…

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    Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs Meets the Pyramids of Egypt

    777 1024 Ellen Ensher

    By Ellen Ensher, Ph.D. Recently, I taught a 5-week management course in Rome for Loyola Marymount University’s study abroad program. We had 15 students travel…

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    An Open Mind and a Full Stomach

    782 1024 Ellen Ensher

    By Hanna Christerson Being introduced to new cultures and places can be particularly challenging, but the confidence and compassion I’ve gained these five short weeks…

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    Our Culture

    800 954 Ellen Ensher

    By Emma Piziali Studying abroad has been an experience. An experience that has taught me a lot, but most importantly about adapting my role to…

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    Blog Post

    779 1024 Ellen Ensher

    By Daniel Saldivar To start off I’m going to write about what I learned most about myself on this study abroad trip to Rome. First,…

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    Work to Live or Live to Work?

    150 150 Ellen Ensher

    By Christopher Page Studying abroad in Rome this past month has been an eyeopening experience for me because it took me outside of the American…

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