Small Talk is Big Talk - Lunch at LMU

    Small Talk Is Big Talk

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    I discuss the consequences that the pandemic has had on us a lot in my blogs, especially in the ways that it’s affected our education and careers. But my professor…

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    What not To Do As A Protégé

    What NOT To Do As A Protégé: Tips From TikTok

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    Before I share my TikTok tips for what NOT to do as a protégé, I want to say that most of us have the right instincts when it comes to…

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    Best Practices for Engaging Students Through a Screen Ellen Ensher

    My Best Practices for Engaging Students through a Screen

    1024 710 Ellen Ensher

    Though I’m thrilled to be back teaching in person next year, I’ve enjoyed reflecting on what worked this past year teaching virtually. It’s safe to say that when I was…

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    Informational interviews

    The Best Tool in your Job Hunt Toolkit: Informational Interviews

    1024 682 Ellen Ensher

    Ellen Ensher, Ph.D. As the professor of a Management class that helps undergrads discover their calling, I see many students who are unsure of which career path they want to…

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    Diverse Mentorships Ellen Ensher

    Navigating Diverse Mentorships

    1024 572 Ellen Ensher

    Across the country, we are engaging in crucial conversations about race and privilege with the goal of increasing awareness and causing permanent change in our society. It is incredibly important…

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    Teaching Online with Ellen Ensher's Online Class Guides

    Overcoming my Existential Dread of Teaching Online: Developing Virtual Class Culture

    1024 768 Ellen Ensher

    As teaching online becomes a reality for many professors and learning and development professionals, many of us are beginning to reflect on how we can create a supportive environment in…

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    Mentorships on Zoom and Online Courses

    “Zoom” in on Mentorships: How to Create and Maintain Mentor Relationships in Pandemic

    1024 538 Ellen Ensher

    Our “new normal” brought about by the global coronavirus pandemic has made the ways we connect with each other a little bit different. Communication, however, is not only still doable…

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    Ellen on a camel -BlogPostPhoto | Mentoring Network and Success Strategies - Ellen Ensher

    Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs Meets the Pyramids of Egypt

    777 1024 Ellen Ensher

    By Ellen Ensher, Ph.D. Recently, I taught a 5-week management course in Rome for Loyola Marymount University’s study abroad program. We had 15 students travel from LMU along with myself,…

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    Rome Summer Session is a Go!

    411 1024 Ellen Ensher

    By Ellen Ensher, Ph.D. Life has come full circle this summer as I revisit one of the cities that introduced me to the study abroad experience as a college student.…

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    Mentoring Network and Success Strategies - Ellen Ensher

    How and Why to Write Business Blogs and LinkedIn Posts

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    By Ellen Ensher Blog writing is fun! It is a great way to cut loose from the shackles of academic or report writing and share ideas, test thoughts, start a…

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