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    Best Practices for Engaging Students Through a Screen Ellen Ensher

    My Best Practices for Engaging Students through a Screen

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    Though I’m thrilled to be back teaching in person next year, I’ve enjoyed reflecting on what worked this past year teaching virtually. It’s safe to…

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    Online Learning is Difficulty - Do Ask For Help

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Class: A Series – Do Ask For Help

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    There are going to be moments when the online learning situation becomes a little much. Maybe it’s the curriculum. Maybe it’s the technology. Maybe it’s…

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    Zoom Chat Mistakes Don’t Send Inappropriate Chats Ellen Ensher Tik Tok

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Class: A Series – Don’t Send Inappropriate Chats

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    The Zoom chat function during class is great. It allows students to interact with the professor and each other professionally without disrupting the flow of…

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    Don't Vape in Class Ellen Ensher tik tok

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Class: A Series – Don’t Vape in Class

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    Dear students, Here’s the thing. Just because we can’t smell your vape through the Zoom room, doesn’t mean we can’t see it. Please don’t vape…

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    Informational interviews

    The Best Tool in your Job Hunt Toolkit: Informational Interviews

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    Ellen Ensher, Ph.D. As the professor of a Management class that helps undergrads discover their calling, I see many students who are unsure of which…

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    Teaching Online with Ellen Ensher's Online Class Guides

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Class: A Series – Don’t Multitask

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    The age-old distraction of looking out the window has now been overshadowed by countless new ways to threaten a student’s engagement during virtual class. There’s…

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    Diverse Mentorships Ellen Ensher

    Navigating Diverse Mentorships

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    Across the country, we are engaging in crucial conversations about race and privilege with the goal of increasing awareness and causing permanent change in our…

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    Insight Experiences Ellen Ensher

    Research Report on How College Students can Find Their Calling: Jump into Insight Experiences and Connect with a Mentor

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    “What’s your calling?” This is a question many of us are asked and if we don’t yet know the answer… well, picture a red alert,…

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