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    Small Talk is Big Talk - Lunch at LMU

    Small Talk Is Big Talk

    1000 1000 Ellen Ensher

    I discuss the consequences that the pandemic has had on us a lot in my blogs, especially in the ways that it’s affected our education…

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    Ellen Ensher Office Hours

    What are office hours really like and why should you come?

    802 802 Ellen Ensher

    I really want to let my current and future students in on a little secret… Office hours are actually FUN. In fact, there is nothing…

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    Ellen Ensher Power Mentors

    Women Power Mentors that Inspire Me: Tips from TikTok

    686 802 Ellen Ensher

    Two words: Boss. Ladies. You’ve probably heard of all these powerful women. But did you know that they are all power mentorship icons?! Read on……

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    What not To Do As A Protégé

    What NOT To Do As A Protégé: Tips From TikTok

    535 1024 Ellen Ensher

    Before I share my TikTok tips for what NOT to do as a protégé, I want to say that most of us have the right…

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    Ellen Ensher Procrastination TikTok

    My Return to TikTok: Tips to Battling Procrastination

    495 667 Ellen Ensher

    Guess who’s back on TikTok?! Being able to connect with my Zoomer students this year on the popular app – through my Do’s and Don’ts…

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    Best Practices for Engaging Students Through a Screen Ellen Ensher

    My Best Practices for Engaging Students through a Screen

    1024 710 Ellen Ensher

    Though I’m thrilled to be back teaching in person next year, I’ve enjoyed reflecting on what worked this past year teaching virtually. It’s safe to…

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    Online Learning is Difficulty - Do Ask For Help

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Class: A Series – Do Ask For Help

    600 1020 Ellen Ensher

    There are going to be moments when the online learning situation becomes a little much. Maybe it’s the curriculum. Maybe it’s the technology. Maybe it’s…

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    Zoom Chat Mistakes Don’t Send Inappropriate Chats Ellen Ensher Tik Tok

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Class: A Series – Don’t Send Inappropriate Chats

    714 1024 Ellen Ensher

    The Zoom chat function during class is great. It allows students to interact with the professor and each other professionally without disrupting the flow of…

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    Don't Vape in Class Ellen Ensher tik tok

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Class: A Series – Don’t Vape in Class

    576 1024 Ellen Ensher

    Dear students, Here’s the thing. Just because we can’t smell your vape through the Zoom room, doesn’t mean we can’t see it. Please don’t vape…

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