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Ellen Graduation 2024

To the Graduating Class of 2024

500 500 Ellen Ensher

Dear 2024 Seniors,  Congratulations on your soon-to-be graduation! I am so incredibly proud of you for earning your Management and Leadership degree in the College…

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Madeleine Uhlhorn-Thornton in Greece next to a stone column

Madeleine Uhlhorn-Thornton: Let’s talk Numbers!

500 494 Ellen Ensher

As I finished my study abroad experience I learned a lot about Greek culture and identity. Throughout our time here studying abroad in Greece we…

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Iycis Smith in Greece with cobblestone background

Iycis Smith: Mentorship Inspired by the Greek Lifestyle

500 425 Ellen Ensher

I think about how I got to where I am a lot, both in life and in this moment of time. I had to overcome…

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Lillian Wanninger Headshot

Lillian Wanninger: Culture in Greece vs the United States

500 379 Ellen Ensher

I was always told by my family that the first thing to pack when embarking on a trip is to pack extra flexibility. If anything,…

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Julia Hoffman in Greece

Julia Hoffman: Expectations vs Reality

316 421 Ellen Ensher

Prior to leaving for the Odyssey program, I retained minimal expectations regarding class structure, social scene, and the local community. For the last several years,…

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Andrea Payre Madrigal in Greece

Andrea Payre Madrigal: Greece, France, US, South Korea

473 631 Ellen Ensher

I have been in Greece for the past 3 weeks, as part of the LMU Odyssey study abroad program where we took a class in…

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Ryan Sadigh and Friend in Greece

Ryan Sadigh: Odyssey Reflection

500 335 Ellen Ensher

I cannot believe it has only been 27 days since arriving in Greece for the Odyssey Program. I entered this program after encountering a significant…

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Nathan Martinez in Greece

Nathan Martinez: Siestas and Success

490 654 Ellen Ensher

In today’s interconnected world, understanding cultural differences is essential for effective communication and collaboration across borders. Hofstede’s cultural dimensions provide a framework for analyzing and…

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Greece Trip group photo

Samantha Siegel: Cultures and Connections

600 450 Ellen Ensher

By now it is almost a cliche for people to describe their experience abroad as enriching, eye-opening, or even life changing, but this is for…

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Marysol Cázarez in Greece

Marysol Cázarez: Schein’s Model of Organizational Culture in Spetses, Greece

500 333 Ellen Ensher

Spetses is an island that is three hours west of Athens. In all honesty, I had never heard of it before, but the idea of…

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Claire Houser on a boat in Greece

Claire Houser: Business

389 500 Ellen Ensher

My focus for this blog post is on the Big Five Personality Types and using them to discuss my study abroad experience. Before I came…

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Chaiya Jeffries holding a cat in Greece

Chaiya Jeffries: Managing

231 471 Ellen Ensher

Greece has been transformative. To go into depth, I now have a greater understanding of the restaurant industry in Spetses because the concepts discussed in…

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