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    Teaching Online with Ellen Ensher's Online Class Guides

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Class: A Series

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    Don’t Take Selfies I’m picturing it now. I log into my first online class this fall and watch as my students pour into the Zoom…

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    Career Discernment: Logic and Intuition

    Career Discernment: New Research on Making Decisions beyond Logic and Intuition

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    The path of our professional lives is driven by several really powerful moments of decision. In these turbulent pandemic times, you may be grappling with…

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    Evan Velastegui

    Using Equity Theory to Coach Soccer

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    By Evan Velastegui I have always appreciated kids for their authenticity and emotional transparency. At Mar Vista, the after-school center at which I volunteer, the…

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    Motivating the Unmotivated

    1024 768 Ellen Ensher

    By Josh Hee Every time I volunteer at the after-school club, I see the kids running around with excitement. They have wide smiles on their…

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    Valerie Valencia FEATURED

    From Lipstick to Leadership: Lessons from Jeffree Star

    1024 668 Ellen Ensher

    By Valerie Valencia Being a makeup enthusiast and Sephora employee, I’ve been seriously loving Shane Dawson’s new docuseries, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. The…

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    Taleen_Soleimani Featured

    Getting into a Networking Party with SMART Goals!

    754 1024 Ellen Ensher

    By Taleen Soleimani Summer 2019 was filled with great memories and amazing opportunities! During one of those summer days, I was able to get into…

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    If That’s the Train… I’m Good with the Walk

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    By: Morgan Brooks This year on my birthday I went to work because I adore my job and I wanted to celebrate with my coworkers.…

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    Tijuana Service Trip: Leadership applied through SMART Goals

    768 1024 Ellen Ensher

    By Bryson Gardner Tijuana Service Trip: Leadership applied through SMART Goals Each time I travel to El Florido in Tijuana for the Engineering for Humanity…

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    Behind the Scenes of College Golf Teams

    300 413 Ellen Ensher

    By Cameron Meeks Behind the Scenes of College Golf Teams Human resource management is the practice of recruiting, hiring, deploying and managing an organization’s employees.…

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    Fishing for Transformational Leaders

    906 1024 Ellen Ensher

    By Carris Clarkson When I was in Kindergarten, my Dad came to speak to my class about his work as a fisherman up in Alaska.…

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