What are office hours really like and why should you come?

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I really want to let my current and future students in on a little secret…

Office hours are actually FUN.

In fact, there is nothing I cherish more than these couple hours a week during which I get to connect with my lovely students on a deeper basis.

Class time has a purpose. Although I try to make my lesson plans fun and engaging, there is still a learning objective that I have to meet and lessons I have to get through.

Office hours, however, are free reign! My students and I can explore the lessons deeper. Or we can talk about something else. I can offer mentorship and support and help guide them through this semester back in person.

In fact, for some of my sophomores, this is the FIRST college semester they’ve had in in person and they have to play catch up on learning informal norms and establishing routines. Moreover, for many of us, the pandemic has created a much stronger appreciation for feelings of community and social interaction. This is especially true for these students. That’s why I really value this opportunity to give them a chance to interact with me and each other in a more casual setting.


 Where To Go & What To Ask In Office Hours?


I’ve been hosting my office hours this semester at the Lion’s Den – a cozy cute coffee shop on LMU’s campus. Here’s what the office hour topics range from:

Students ask me about graduate school. They ask for advice on which classes to take and when. We discuss fashion trends and happenings around LMU. We joke and laugh and sip lattes. It’s fun!

Being accessible to our students is more important than ever this year. Face-to-face connection is more important than ever. We all need it! Zoom fatigue is real.

So, students, I’ll see you in office hours with coffee and tea. And alumni and colleagues, you are welcome to office hours too… except for you please make it happy hour!

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