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Crazy Protégé Requests from the Fyre Music Festival: Lessons Learned

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By Ellen Ensher Ph.D Being a protégé involves communicating your goals with your mentor, building trust in your relationship with your mentor, and being open to feedback. Never should a…

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From Handshake to Hug: The Art of the Shug in a Post #MeToo Environment

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By Ellen Ensher, Ph.D A year and a half ago, I wrote a LinkedIn post that discussed that awkward moment we have all faced when we have to make a…

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Finding hope for Business in this Terrible – Horrible – No – Good- Very – Bad Election Cycle.

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Ellen Ensher & Lindsey Western I feel badly that for my college students this is their very first time to vote in a Presidential election. I feel badly that this…

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Don’t Let your 9-5 Job Keep You from Looking Great

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What should I wear? Those simple words can strike terror or delight into the hearts of many of us (okay I might be speaking to the ladies more on this…

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Shut it Down: A Humorous Look at Sexual Harassment Training for a Serious Topic

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We are in an era of heightened awareness of sexual assault on campuses and sexual harassment at work. There seems to be tremendous inconsistency between various work environments about what…

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If Barbie Can Be an Astronaut, Why Can’t I?

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Guest Blog by Savannah Bigley I am on vacation so I showcasing some of my student’s guest blog posts. I have to confess I was the classic little sister and…

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Leadership in Scandal: Olivia Pope: Head Gladiator in Charge

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Guest Post by Megan Trudo How does our wardrobe signal our leadership style? It is an interesting question and my student from last semester, Megan Trudo, does a great job…

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How to Design a Kick-Ass Presentation for All Ages, Industries, and Contexts

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For the rest of our life, most of us will have to do presentations of one kind or another. In fact, one night I was home with son and husband…

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A Day in the Life of a Learner: My Daily Information Feed

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One of the greatest things about college (yes, besides the parties) is that learning is guaranteed. You sign up for a class, get a syllabus, and have a professor guide…

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