Rome Summer Session is a Go!

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By Ellen Ensher, Ph.D.

Life has come full circle this summer as I revisit one of the cities that introduced me to the study abroad experience as a college student. This time I will be returning as a professor, introducing students to management in the global business world. It is simply impossible nowadays to succeed in interacting with people without any exposure to diverse perspectives and international policy. In my class, students will be able to understand cross-cultural HR behavior, engage in immersive experiences like cooking classes (There is no such thing as too much pasta!) and gain exposure to Italian business through incoming guest speakers. Most of all, students can explore professional futures outside of the United States as they research the compensation and benefits of working and living abroad in comparison to the States.

If you find yourself in Rome this summer, I am actively seeking guest speakers in the field of Human Resources, especially in regard to training, employee relations, career development, leadership and motivation.

For a quick summary of what you can look forward to this summer, check out our infographic and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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