The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Class: A Series – Don’t Multitask

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The age-old distraction of looking out the window has now been overshadowed by countless new ways to threaten a student’s engagement during virtual class. There’s the Xbox a few steps away, the TikTok videos beckoning from your phone (especially mine!), the essay open next to your Zoom browser, even the pet who wants your attention. The amount of distractions has been significantly amplified by taking class online but paying attention during class remains paramount. I can recommend nothing more than the simple advice “Don’t multitask”.

It is so much more important now than ever that students enter this year with the intention to be engaged. A student willingly forgoes crucial experiences and learning that will help them in their career when they choose to not be engaged. And though I understand the urge to give in to any and all of these distractions, there is so much at stake. It’s going to be easy to succumb to the craziness of our COVID-19 world, however those who stick to their goals and persevere will be the ones who come out of this crazy year for the better.

So, do yourself a favor. Create a space limited by these distractions and prioritize your education. Remember: don’t multitask! You will not regret it.

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