The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Class: A Series – Do Take Class in a Quiet, Productive Space

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I’ve heard the stories and experienced them myself. A student baking a chocolate cake during class. Another student mopping the floor. Even a student driving from Los Angeles to San Diego with their phone in the cupholder logged into their virtual learning class.

Online courses give us the ability to vary our scenery in a whole new way, which is a great virtual learning silver lining! However, we have to be cautious about where we choose to take our class.

If you’re getting low on vitamin D, maybe you can join class from outside in your backyard. Or maybe one day you try sitting in that super comfortable chair in your family room – anything just to get away from your desk. The only caveat is that your space must be quiet and conducive to focus… That means try not to drive between cities while you’re supposed to be learning!

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