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    Businesswoman Giving Computer Training In Office

    Claire Garrison – Blog Post #2

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    Claire Garrison Dr. Ensher MGMT 3670 24 April 2017 Blog Post #2 So here is how it normally goes. The dreaded alarm goes off, and I pull myself out of…

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    My Daily Information Feed

    358 359 Ellen Ensher

    My daily Information Feed   I am a corporate investment banker and so I have to keep up with the current information. Every day, I have a wide pool of…

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    Argu Arkan

    Educating Yourself About Education

    566 591 Ellen Ensher

    Argu Arkan I grew up in three different continents, and three different school systems, filled with people from very different societies, backgrounds and expectations. Throughout it all, my view on…

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    Two colleagues giving high five during meeting

    Get a Learning Plan Blog

    1024 685 Ellen Ensher

    Alexis Jehue After spending over a decade in school, I never thought much about how I will continue to learn things when teachers aren’t giving me all the information needed.…

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    Oh, What A Day

    889 1024 Ellen Ensher

    Alexis Straiten What does a day in the life look like for a future event planner? For one, there is not a typical day, there is Monday to sometimes Sunday…

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    Two Businesswomen Working On Computer In Office

    Get a Learning Plan Blog Post

    1024 683 Ellen Ensher

    Description of Assignment by Ellen Ensher The purpose of this blog post was to get students to think about how they will take charge of their own learning after graduation.…

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