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Rachel Leisten

24 April 2017

My Learning Plan

I’ve learned a lot throughout my 18 plus years of classroom learning, required readings, assignments, and tests, however, I now feel like I have acquired the skills necessary to take on the post grad life. It is important to me that I stay informed and up to date on various management techniques once I have entered the working world. Once I graduate I hope to find a career in recruitment or human resources training. I imagine that once I have one of these positions, I will need to stay very informed and up to date on the various recruitment and training techniques that are always being improved and enhanced. However, in addition to this, it is also important to be aware of recent news and different things going on within companies, therefore, I have a plan for how I will be able to stay an informed professional once I graduate.

My first technique will be to check the news app on my phone each morning, this will inform me of the bigger events going on around the world. It is very important as an informed professional to know about the larger events that occur. After checking the news app, I will check twitter, which is the app that I use now to alert me of current events.

The next thing I will do in the morning will be to check LinkedIn. LinkedIn is where I plan to get all of my information on what is happening with various companies. I currently follow companies like Disney, Google, and Sony so I can stay up to date on what their companies are doing. I plan to be active in different training groups on LinkedIn as well and I imagine this will be where I find the majority of my information relating to my career. I want to make an effort to read at least one article from the Association for Talent Development LinkedIn group each day. My favorite article that I have found in this group is an article by Wendy Davidson, “3 Reasons to Stop Taking Yourself so Seriously.” She talks about how de-stressing yourself can lead to more creativity and empathy.

Throughout the day I will probably be checking Facebook, which occasionally has some interesting news articles but mostly just videos of cute animals. I will also be checking Instagram, which doesn’t give me hard news but if some big event did occur that called for action I would definitely be able to see things about it on Instagram.

Once I return home from work and relax for a little, I would like to have an informative and interesting book to read before going to sleep. This way I have some way of getting some written information. Book recommendations are greatly appreciated! Below I have chosen five different articles that I plan on reading daily.

Articles to Read on a Daily Basis:

  1. (article of inspirational quotes from 100 famous business leaders)
  2. (become more positive with these five tips)
  3. (what inspiring leaders do)
  4. (inspirational quotes)
  5. (how loving your job helps you succeed)