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Kendall Miller

As a twenty-something who just joined the full-time employment life, there are many things I must do to stay on top, connected and knowledgeable in my profession.


My every day routine varies based on the kind of motivation I need and my focus that day at work. As a recruiter, I am a in contact with a lot of candidates to fill roles and can be at a number of different stages of the hiring process.


To motivate myself on the purpose of my position and how to live a happy and fulfilling life, I have read The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale(available on for purchase). This book has changed my general perspective on life and has shown me to value commitment more. By taking lessons learned from this book and implementing them in my daily life, I am able to start my day on a happy note to be productive and insightful.


As an individual in Human Resources, I value articles posted on the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) website, as they always provide new information and knowledge for what is going on in the workforce today. A recent article I have stumbled upon for new information is “12 Recruiting Tips from Talent Acquisition Leaders” ( This article provides information on how to brand and build talent, how to implement high tech, and how to forge relationships for warm connects.


Growing up, my mom always dealt with my finances, filled out my paperwork and did my taxes; which was great until I had to learn how to do it all by myself. Recently I have had to become more aware of my financials and read an article on USA Today called “Your Financial Ignorance Could End Up Costing You Thousands” ( that motivated me and gave me information on paying my bills on time, setting aside savings, tracking my spending, paying off credit card balances every month and reading the fine print. These are all things that people can do to stay on top of their financials and stay educated so they don’t end up making mistakes with their money. I also browse through the multitude of information on the Economist, the Wall Street Journal and Charles Schwab to stay up to date on my finances and be more aware of what is going on in the economy. I invest in Apple, Facebook and Google stocks, so it is important to keep up on the news of what is happening to the companies.


In addition to my finances, I also want to become more aware of my benefits.In an article I read, “How to use the benefit illustration of a life insurance policy” (, I gained an understanding of my benefits in detail. The benefits illustration helped me assess how costs impact me and is transparent about what I receive each year. I am also able to read about other news on compensation and benefits in the LA Times and on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.


For a break in my more productive news search, I scroll through my Facebook feed to see how my friends and family are doing, click on postings fromBuzzfeed and Elite Daily, and watch other videos of cute dogs or funny babies. A more lighthearted inspirational article I came across on Thought Catalog, “25 Ways To Accidentally Ruin Your Life By 25” (, gave helpful tips on how to excel in your twenties. These quirky thoughts made me smile and reassured me that life will be okay!


What is your daily routine? How do you stay on top of yourself and your profession? What motivates you?  Share your favorite books, articles, websites and blogs to help individuals continuously learn about themselves!