Trends and Issues in the Automotive Industry

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As the CEO of Meraki Autoworks, I Joshua Lee, need to be an informed of the current trends and issues in the automotive industry, to stay and grow as a successful automotive company. My daily routine, weekdays, weekends, holidays, everyday.. starts off with me waking up and going straight to my computer for about a hour to two hours. During these two hours, the first websites I go to are,, and These are some websites that I am a “sponsor” on, so I pay these companies to be a “vendor” on this website. I am spending a bunch of time reading the homepage which contains current news of what is happening in that automotive sector. For example, on ClubLexus’s homepage, it displays any news or featured cars of the Lexus model with lots of detailed pictures and words. So I read these current articles and respond to them, to get my company name out there and state my professional opinions. After browsing through articles, I then go to social media applications such as Instagram to stay atop of any current trends. Then of course, as a healthy individual, I have daily bowel movement, and I like to read automotive magazines to kill time such as MotorTrend, Car and Driver, Automobile, Road and Track, Super Street, and many more. I get an insane amount of magazine articles monthly. The automotive parts industry is mainly about current trends so by the time a book comes out, the information would be old. Which is why blogs, forums, and articles are the best way of information. Another great way to stay informed is through constant interactions with numerous amount of customers. Customers are somehow the first one to know about a new current trend or topic, and once they ask you about the topic, you search Google, learn the information within 2 minutes and respond, acting like you know everything.

As for learning and educating myself about the world of business and current politics, I also from time to time read New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN, Yahoo News, and so forth. I like to stay informed with the latest political issues and news situations for local communities such as car accidents, burglaries and so forth. I like to be aware of my surroundings and current issues, just to be able to speak of such issues with anyone at any given time.

As I become more educated and professional, I may start to try and find some professional blog posts, such as the ones we were referenced to in class.