What Media teaches us about Management

627 472 Ellen Ensher
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what media teaches about managmentI think there is tremendous value in using media to explicate concepts in management. Viewers today are very sophisticated and used to seeing a lot of production value so most corporate training videos fall short of being effective. Sadly many corporate training videos are a bit like corporate “porn” as they get the job done but the production value and talent is sadly lacking! Also, most of us learn best by engaging a variety of learning modalities so the visual learner really benefits from this approach.

However, a few caveats apply- if you use a media clip it needs to be clearly linked to the theory or concept and then thoroughly debriefed. It is tempting to show a bad example of what not to do for a few laughs , however it is even better if you can show something smart to demonstrate what to do instead. I always say the first rule of teaching is to keep people awake and the second rule is to teach them something. If you use a clip, it should do both of these.

If you have an idea for a movie or TV show that demonstrates a management concept, please leave it here. I will highlight the best of the best in future blogs.

Keep watching and sharing!