Training Employees to Find Balance through Meditation

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By Harveen Sekhon

Work-life balance! The buzzword that every company tries to prove they offer as an employer, but something we all struggle with. From going to work, school, doing service, working out, socializing, studying, sleeping, etc. I constantly struggle to balance everything I need to do in a day and maintaining a positive mindset. This is when working at Headspace last summer changed my life. Headspace is a company that created a meditation app to introduce mindfulness and meditation through guided meditations from topics on relationships, loneliness, grief, anxiety, stress, sleep, motivation, etc.

Headspace practices what they preach by offering a 10 am meditation every morning Monday through Friday, and also catering healthy lunch everyday, and integrating Friday’s food to instead be donated to those in need. During my 16 weeks there, I truly saw how starting out your day connecting with your mind, body, and spirit not only makes you calmer, it also makes you happier, more grateful, and more productive. Work environments can be stressful especially for those with immediate deadlines and despite all that, most of the employees around me at Headspace were happy and attended those optional 10 minute morning meditations.

Now I know many of you may think meditation is only for yogis and that you don’t have anytime for that. I’m here to break any misunderstandings or stereotypes you may have. You don’t need a yoga mat or essential oils or any of those extras. All you need is yourself, a place to sit, and maybe a phone to try Headspace. If you’re struggling to get your work done or ever feeling anxious, this is the perfect time for a short meditation. Let’s try one that I personally created with the influence of Headspace and other guided meditations.

As an adult it can be difficult juggle all sorts of responsibilities at once, so I’ve made it my mission to ensure that my mind, body, and spirit are my biggest priority though everything. Meditation has helped me re-center myself in moments of feeling lost or overwhelmed or unhappy while improving my productivity.

It’s a very simple meditation focused primarily on just getting your heart rate back to steady but it works wonders and really helps you feel balanced again. So next time you are facing adversity at work, take a few minutes out of your day and reconnect with yourself, and trust me when I say you will get through the rest of your day much easier.

To learn more about meditation, check out the app Headspace or this article below.