The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Class: A Series

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Don’t Take Selfies

I’m picturing it now. I log into my first online class this fall and watch as my students pour into the Zoom room. Class begins and we all slowly get accustomed once again to learning in a virtual space. It doesn’t take long for everyone to feel comfortable again; Gen Z students are incredibly adaptable and resilient.

One student, however, is a little too at-ease. (S)he is taking selfies.

Hey, I get it! That face covering makes your eyes pop, the lighting in your living room looks fantastic, and that Zoom camera only serves as a reminder of how great you look.

But class time isn’t selfie-time.

This fall, we will all be given the opportunity to be our best professional selves. This semester will be a great way to strengthen our virtual persona and that starts by avoiding the urge to take a #OOTD when your peers and instructor can watch. Your “fit,” your angles and your lighting can wait. Don’t take selfies during class.

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