TedTalk at Loyola Marymount University: How to Get a Mentor Speech

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Ta da! My Tedx talk is posted on YouTube! Watching myself on video is freaky. The experience is a lot like reading one of those Where’s Waldo? books. Do you remember Where’s Waldo? In these books you have to examine a page with hundreds of tiny little Waldo guys who seem identical at first glance. You have to look again and again very carefully to find the real Waldo dressed a certain way or performing a certain action. They require you to look at every detail and be keenly observant and notice small differences. Well, the more I watch myself the more details, flubs, flaws, and freaky things I notice. So, I decided to stop watching let someone else watch…so Ta da here it is!

I really do believe that getting a mentor can help you obtain your heart’s desire both personally and professionally so take a look and see if this can help you get started and if you like it, feel free to hit the thumbs up icon on YouTube. Happy Mentoring!