Spark the Exciting Conversations in the Break Room: My Daily Information Feed

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By: Hayden Tanabe


One thing that I have continuously taken for granted is formal learning. Since Kindergarten, education has been the norm; it has always been one grade level after the other. Because it was provided to me, I never really had to seek information outside of what was provided in school. As a rising senior at the University level, I am beginning to finally see this and acknowledge what this means moving forward. This transition into the working world will present the unique opportunity to intentionally craft a new learning regimen, one that I am excited to begin.


The first thing that comes to mind about the working world are stereotypical work conversations about the news and recent events. Although I don’t know if these are that real yet, I plan on preparing myself for them to assimilate appropriately. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I plan on staying here after the completion of my undergraduate career. For that reason, I will commit to reading the Los Angeles Times, something I surprisingly have never done, every single morning. I think that being informed of the local news leads to a lot of conversation starters and it is also critical to know what is going on in your local community.


I believe that Facebook is essential to staying connected with friends and colleagues for fun social updates. Additionally, it yields the unique opportunity to follow as many pages as you wish. I plan on following the pages of all the main news networks, as news updates will appear  my news feed when I am browsing socially. This interjection of news in my social media will keep me aware of headlines and prompt me to research more on the things that I am seeing – that is the goal.


One of my five year goals is to start a young working professional blog on WordPress. This is something that I plan on updating regularly, in addition to following similar pages to my own. I have always been a big fan of blogs, as I believe that they are incredibly raw and real. This is something that I plan on checking every day and can get lost for hours doing. That is when you know you are invested!


Lastly, I think it is important to seek advice and recommendations from those in your network and above you. By looking to industry-specific Linkedin groups, I believe that I will be able to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening outside of my specific job or company. I am also not hesitant to ask my superiors for guidance and suggestions and will look for good book recommendations there.


By staying connected, it is my hope to not only participate, but spark the exciting conversations in the break room.