Power Mentoring Podcast: My Conversation with Hollywood Executive Producer Casey DeStefano

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ellen_power_mentoringI feel like I just talked to Oprah! I was interviewed by Casey DeStefano recently about mentoring, being a mom and how I turned adversity into successful lessons learned. This was probably the most revealing and intense interview I have every done. Casey has traveled her very interesting  career path from executive producing shows like The Amazing Race and What Not to Wear to her present business as a mom-preneur with a video and web design business. Casey is hosting a podcast focusing on helping women, particularly moms, learn to get balance, succeed, and enjoy. If you are a woman or have one in your life, please give this a listen as it will make you think and worth your time.

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Here is a preview of some of the content we cover in Casey’s words:
Mentorship is a tough task to navigate.  And it is one of the most essential practices that everyone should experience in their lifetime and more than just once. That is why I interviewed mentorship expert, Dr. Ellen Ensher to help us realize how important it is for our growth in any situation from parenting to the boardroom to fighting cancer. Ellen shares her very personal story and teaches us how to seek, aspire, and attain a fruitful mentorship.   Ellen also gives us inside tips on how to successfully have a male mentor and keep the situation 100% professional.

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