My Five Favorite Blogs and Subscriptions for Spring-Summer 2013

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How do you keep up with the news? How do you stimulate your creativity, add an extra kick to your presentations and stay relevant for your career?  It’s a challenge.  I confess I love the retro feel of a newspaper and in fact newspapers are still my primary news source (New York Times, LA Times, and Wall Street Journal).  Yet at the same time, I crave innovation. I think blogs and online subscriptions are a great way to keep up and get inspired.  Here are five of my favorite blogs and subscriptions of the moment that I would recommend to my human resource management and organizational behavior students or any professionals.

  1. Seth Godin –  He is the master of blogs. I only wish I could be as pithy and at the same time thought provoking as this guy. I resisted at first subscribing to a blog from a marketing guru…but sometimes the hype is true. This is a great one.
  2. Daily Infographic. I don’t know who makes these or how to describe them but they make me happy. They are like Power Point Poetry.  Kind of like a visual and words together. Very creative. Of course there is a lot of content that is not business related, but there is enough there that I can use to put some spice into my presentations or inspire my thinking.
  3. Jorge Cham is a Ph.D. cartoonist! He cartoons about the crazy academic life for faculty and students. So clever!!  Subscribing gets you a comic almost every week. There is also a lot of humor just about office life in general. These comics are a great networking tool as you can send these on to other people like your mentors.
  4. Susan Adams is a senior editor at and is my go-to source for articles on careers and leadership.  She is always cutting edge and has smart ideas. I love how blogging enables anyone to share their ideas and yet sometimes credibility and veracity of information is an issue. With Susan, I trust that the content is from a pro. Great source for career information for students and professionals.
  5. I like to incorporate poetry into my presentations for students and executives.  Ending with a poem is a nice surprise and a gift you can give your audience. If you sign up for this website, they will send you a poem a day for the month of April.

Do you have any favorite blogs or subscriptions to share? Leave a comment here and let’s  spread the word!