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My daily Information Feed


I am a corporate investment banker and so I have to keep up with the current information. Every day, I have a wide pool of clients to handle, my young family and professional community. My career occupation requires that I be up to date with the current business information.

Each day I wake up, at 5 am, the first thing I do is grab my phone and go through Daily Word. I read from the word an inspirational Koran passage that enlightens me and gives me the zeal to face the day activities with a lot of positivity. Then, I check my mails and go through LinkedIn. It is one of the informative social sites and from the people and companies I follow, I get great deal of information. Imperatively, I learn important personality traits that are shared among senior business personalities such as CEO Leadership qualities that they must have to succeed.

From LinkedIn I check my twitter feed and meet a mix of hard news, silly rib cracking jokes. I follow all likeminded professionals, scholars and business practitioners. This way, I get in the light of the current events, their projects to learn from and support their work.

Besides social platforms, I go through Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. By then it’s 6 am and my breakfast is ready. I love to take heavy breakfast as I go through business reports in the online e-news. Occasionally, before I leave for work, I get information from TV especially the fox news. And have some fun moments with my kids to brace their day before we part as they go to school while I go to work.

As the day wears on, I check my Facebook newsfeed with no hard news found, just birthday notifications and some news update. Apart from what I read from the news papers and business magazines, at night I pay much attention to the business wrap up around the globe and take time to analyze some of the issues that arise from the business reports. While am not scheduled for any activity in the evening, I take a walk in my garden taking soothing fresh air and enjoying the beauty of the nature.

Occasionally, I get invitations to the newsroom and economic forums to offer my view on the economic views as they rise. I also like to read inspirational books especially during my leisure time and at night. When am not reading inspirational books, I do economic research hence have a pile of economic books and research data that I go through especially for the new trends in the business and ways through which businesses can tap the current information to achieve the cutting edge in the market. Right now I am reading The Secret and the power by Rhonda Byrne and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. I like a lot to learn from great minds and so in the evening after my days work, I attend conferences and business meetings organized by professionals to discuss current business issues.