Mentorfly: A new approach to developing a network of mentors

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mentorfly logoHow many of us are on LinkedIn but NOT looking for a job… so what are you supposed to do with all those connections anyway? While it is fun to check and see who viewed you, there is probably an even better and higher use of LinkedIn. Try using LinkedIn to expand your network in a meaningful way by connecting with people as mentors. Now, there is a platform to help you do just that. Several years ago, I received a cold call from a budding entrepreneur, David Lieb, who had a great idea and passion for mentoring. I get a lot of these and my rule is that the first 20 minutes are free and then I gotta go! Well, two hours later I was still on the phone with him and I have enjoyed watching David’s ideas and approach to mentoring grow and evolve. I asked David to share his story and some information about Mentorfly below.


Early on
Back in 2006, I made the decision to join my local Big Brother Big Sister chapter and become a Big Brother. Seven years and a handful of life changing experiences later, I can honestly say that this is one decision that has changed my life. No more so than the passion it has given me for mentoring and the ideas it had begun to spin in my head. Around the same time, I was pursuing my MBA in Entrepreneurship and was working at a large local bank. The bank had arranged a mentoring program for junior officers such as myself to be aligned with senior executives. Bottom line, it didn’t take and I was frustrated with the process as was other junior officers. I though to myself, there must be a better way to do this…

The birth of an idea
It was July of 2010 when the idea first popped into my head. The idea of creating a free online community where anyone and everyone can both access and facilitate mentoring relationships was the big idea. After several iterations and pivots, we built a platform that delivers on the big idea while utilizing an approach that best fits its member’s needs.

So what is it?
Mentorfly is what we call a Micro Mentoring community. We coined the term Micro Mentoring to describe the mentoring style that we are emphasizing, which is an abbreviated, clearly-defined mentoring structure utilizing short, pointed, value-added dialogue between users to maximize value gained within a brief time period. We believe that this approach aligns well with on-the-go individuals allowing for greater participation while yielding actionable results.

To make it even more focused and to facilitate new mentoring connections for our members, we integrated with LinkedIn allowing our members to seamlessly join and create their profile with their LinkedIn info. and to quickly request and create Micro Mentoring connections within their respective LinkedIn networks.

Building the community
We launched the site in June of this year and are working hard to get the word out. We are passionate about the power of mentoring and of the value it creates for both the mentee and the mentor. Those who join and create Micro Mentoring connections will undoubtedly see the value it creates and will hopefully spread the word. With each new member we will be one step closer to our goal of sharing the amazing experience of mentoring with the entire world. We encourage you to join the community and begin your own Micro Mentoring experience.

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Written by David Lieb, Founder, Mentorfly.