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By: Steven Sosa

On a hectic, but normal, Tuesday morning I wake up and immediately go for my phone. I see that I have been tagged in an EDM Weekly post. This page has over 2 million followers and supplies only the most up to date information on shows and djs. The post states that the infamous Insomniac Events will be bringing two new huge festivals to the streets of Downtown Los Angeles! This announcement wasn’t suppose to go out for another week!  Being part of the project management team putting together the two festivals, I for sure knew that this information was leaked. I log onto the company Twitter to see if our CEO, Pasquale Rotella, had went ahead and announced the two festivals. But I didn’t see any recent posts. I then checked both the Insomniac Event Instagram and Snapchat to see if they used a different social media outlet to spread the news. There was also nothing new on those accounts. Hours later, I watched as the story unraveled on the news. “Insomniac Events hackers leak new events and artist lineup just days before the HUGE announcement!”

In today’s world social media outlets have become the easiest and quickest way to stay informed with what is going on in the world. To pursue a career in live entertainment also means that one needs to be up to date with all current entertainment events and so social media would be the best way to educate one’s self on current trends and news. New information about successes and failures in live entertainment are embedded in posts and articles shared through social media. All you have to do is press the screen and BAM you’re educated on current events. Although the idea of social media being a hub for education, this is truly what we are moving into. Just think about all the times people have said, “hey did you see the Facebook video about what’s happening in (insert foreign country here).”