If the Olympic Village Had a House Mom…

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Organizational behavior OlympicsThe 2012 Olympics are playing out in London and the results thus far have been thrilling. As an audience we are given in-depth access the athletes and their extraordinary back stories, but the cameras don’t follow the athletes home, to the Olympic Village. In the Olympic Village the athletes are asked to live, eat and socialize together during the most pressure filled moments of their young lives. In this setting there is sure to be triumph and heartbreak, empathy and jealousy, hate and love (possibly even the amorous kind.) “Just another day at the office” couldn’t be further from the reality that they face.

In truth the Olympic Village also hosts dozens of coaches and advisors who have been charged with keeping the athletes organized and mentally focused. But what if there weren’t? What if all that responsibility fell to one person—an Olympic Village House Mom!

This heroic lady would need to be a world class mentor, success strategist and expert in organizational behavior—an Olympian in her own right!

I want to see if you, my clever readers can “Weird Science” the perfect Olympic House Mom.

Who does she think like? (Mary Parker Follett?)
What does she look like? (Kerri Walsh?)
Who has a personality similar to hers? ( Mother Teresa? Anna Wintour?)

If anyone is good with Photoshop I would love to see your best depiction of this mishmash super woman!