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Gold Medal MentoringMany thanks to Dan Keller of for graciously allowing me to guest post. This is a great site full of terrific career advice – I hope you enjoy my latest post and perhaps it will help if you are suffering like me from any “Post Olympic Depression Disorder!” Happy reading!

P.O.D.D. Therapy

The Olympics are over. The athletes are on their way home where they will take a well deserved break before starting the grueling journey towards Rio 2016. So what do we (the audience) do now? Where do channel all that inspiration and motivation? Into our careers of course!

5 Ways Earn a Career Gold Medal:

1. Decide who inspires you professionally
2. Reach out to mentors and ask for their advice
3. Deal with constructive criticism and implement your mentor’s advice
4. Create a bond with your mentor professionally AND personally
5. Tap into your mentor’s network

My guest blog on CareerPilot focuses on these steps as demonstrated through the unique relationship between Olympic cyclist Evelyn Stevens and her mentor Connie Carpenter. The entry was inspired by Jason Gay’s excellent article Cycling Luke Finds Her Obi-Wan in the Wall Street Journal.

I hope that you’ll read both and when you’ve finished I hope that you’ll make a serious effort to answer/implement the five steps above. The gold medal podium is closer than you think. You just need to take the right steps!