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Alexis Jehue

After spending over a decade in school, I never thought much about how I will continue to learn things when teachers aren’t giving me all the information needed. I guess I spend more time celebrating the freedom that will come from not having homework. I know that the assignments will thankfully end, but I am positive the learning never will.
I have put together a plan to further my learning and become an informed professional as I go set the world on fire. Some of the plans I have to become an informed professional I currently implement in my life, but others I am saving for when I enter the work force and completely leave my childhood antics behind (not quite ready yet). Lets start with the informal learning that provides me whatever news I am looking for. It provides updated news stories (followed with everyone opinion) or the latest gossip to catch up on. Facebook may not provide the most quality news and learning aspects when scrolling through my feed, however, I do learn about breaking news from my hometown. I enjoy discovering what is happening in my hometown and staying updated on my friends lives. Next, a learning ability that I have found myself recently taking advantage of is reading books about life and how to be mindful. Hitting that quarter life crisis, my friend recommended the book The Defining Decade, written by Meg Jay. The book entails many stories from people in their twenties who are transforming to adulthood and how Jay help guide them through these troubling times till they discover their path. I find this book comforting because I get to read about situations that people go through that are similar to my life. Also with all the stress school and life has played a part in my life, I decided to implement a way to be more mindful that I learned in a course at LMU. It’s a simple process guided by the book The Miracle of Mindfulness. The book offers a handful of ways to meditate and be more mindful of your own life and so I made a pact to myself that I would read and practice at least one method a week.
To further my learning in adulthood, there are a few ways I plan to become in informed professional. For starters, I plan on keeping up with important news by subscribing and reading The Economist in the morning. I chose the Economist because I enjoy the stories they provide and the way they formulate their stories. I also really enjoy listening to radio talk shows when I get a chance, so I plan to listen to them on my commute to work to stay updated with trends, news, upcoming events and fun stories. I enjoy the way talk shows include conversations, and touches on many aspects of society. Lastly and most importantly, I want to become an informed professional by taking advantage of the learning page on LinkedIn. I enjoy the articles that professionals share on the learning page and when I have more time I would love to spend it learning how to better myself as a professional.