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Description of Assignment by Ellen Ensher
The purpose of this blog post was to get students to think about how they will take charge of their own learning after graduation. Some of the students took a fun and fanciful approach and actually imagined their life in the job of their dreams after graduations whereas others took a more linear approach. I enjoyed reading these as it gave me ideas of how and what sources my Gen Z students are learning from.

Description of Assignment from syllabus
For the past 18 plus years you have learned formally by doing your required reading and learning information provided to you in school. This will change drastically once you graduate. How will you be an informed professional once you enter the working world? Write a short blog post (300-500 words) that discusses or two about a day in the life of yourself as a professional and how you will educate yourself daily. Provide a minimum of 5 inspiration articles/blogs/books etc., that you will plan to read on a daily basis. See as sample.