Enlightenment: A Globally Immersive Experience

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By Jp Tamayo


For the past several years of my life, since my early teens, my dream job has been to one day be the CEO of a major and successful company. I have always believed that one day I could do a great job of leading a company to success financially and ethically, with substantial knowledge, training, and experience that is. My biggest concern however, has been geared towards my early twenties and entry level job. With the help of a lesson on goal setting in Management class and the experience of a trip to Rome, I have created a clearer vision of how to work to attain a managerial position and one day be a strong leader and decision maker within a company, but to reach these types of positions one must of course have experience.

I have always been clueless about what sort of entry level job and experience is the most helpful for managing organizations. This class about managing people and organizations was my introduction to my major, and I have fallen completely in love with the subject. Listening to the guest speakers who spoke on the struggles of the Italian economy and unemployment was very eye opening. These observations and lessons of Italian struggles have really interested me in the world of Human Resource Management and I got really excited to learn about the need for jobs in this field in every industry and the potential for growth to management positions. An entry level job in human resource management seems to be a perfect way to involve myself in leadership and management at a beginner level. By applying goal setting steps and envisioning my future career path in a way that is attainable, specific, and meaningful, I now have a clear idea of what type of internship and first job to pursue to develop stronger leadership skills. Not many students seem to enjoy it as much as I do, but for some reason learning about benefits, motivation, training, productivity, and keeping employees happy is music to my ears. It’s the exact type of knowledge I could use to develop leadership skills and become a wonderful manager one day. Now thanks to this class that happened to take place in Rome and gave me new ideas in a new environment, I have a clear vision of what job title I want to pursue and what path I can take to achieve my dreams. It will all start with human resource management and continue with hard work, ambition, and dedication. A solid internship and entry level job with perhaps a master’s in business administration somewhere down the road, and I will gain tons of knowledge and experience. With many obstacles and instances of learning, failing, and succeeding, I will work my way up to a high-level management position one step at a time, ultimately fulfilling the vision and ambitions that I have had since my early teenage years.

It will be important to not let challenges stop me, and this is a mindset that I was able to develop further in Rome. Being placed in a completely new and strange environment with a language barrier and massively different culture, I was able to improve my problem-solving skills. I was forced to figure out my way around the city with public transportation and create relationships with strangers. These skills are valuable to a mindset of overcoming challenges and the experience of studying abroad will be very valuable to my future.

This goal of mine to become a leader can be more plausible with the application of the goal setting theory we discussed in class. It will all start with a first goal that is possible, specific, and meaningful. The first step and goal I am setting for myself is to get an internship near Marina Del Rey within Human Resources by the end of Junior year so I can gain further knowledge in this field and prepare myself for an entry level position. Perhaps I can grow within the company to a job or maybe it will work better to seek one elsewhere. The lecture on goal setting gave me a lot of insight into accomplishing success and instilling self-discipline in an effective manner. Studying abroad opened my eyes to many new things and challenged me in many ways that developed me a lot. I cannot wait to see where this field of work takes me, and how far I can go in the business world, with a strong desire for success and insatiable ambition.