Embrace don’t Retrace

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By Alexis Jehue


At a young age my biggest inspiration, most loyal fan and wisestbest friend (he’ll disagree) told me that there’s only one thing you can count on in life, change.  Although my grandfather and I experience many generational differences, encountering change is a universal aspect of life that everyone goes through. Most people think of change as scary and uncomfortable, but luckily I had my grandfather to always remind me that it’s something to embrace. Similar to life, change is what you make of it and it will only hold you back if you let it.


You may have read that and thought cute, but what’s your point and how does it relate to training and development. I would like to point out that training and development in ones’ personal life or within organizations is all about creating a positive change. In Mark Mueller’s TEDx Talk, “Lead and be the change,” he demonstrates that change creates opportunity and there are ways to harness the fears of change, in order to discover the excitement. He uses the theory of transition to explain how people often feel negative emotions when facing the end of something they are used to. However, when they approach and explore new ideas; that is when they discover the advantageous outcomes of new beginnings. Mueller explains how implementing his five steps of leading change allowpeople to help others through this “emotional rollercoaster.” His five steps include identifying a vision, to be clear on the impact, communicate, team up and lead. Through the experience acquired and knowledge learned in my training and development course, I would agree that leading innovation through these steps is a powerful way to create a positive change.


As I watched this video Mueller’s TEDx Talk I found it inspirational because it is not only for those who seek to lead and aspire to make a difference in a professional environment. His talk has the power to inspire those afraid of change, or unsure how to handle change. I believe that the his underlying message is to embrace change and when that is difficult, leading or accepting it, know that the only way it can hold you back is if you let it. I found this relevant to my life because as a college student getting closer and closer to the end of my educational career, I can’t deny being afraid of the change the real world will bring. However, by implementing Mueller’s advice, I am able to reestablish the faith in change that my grandpa once instilled in me. Mueller ends his talk by saying that change is our opportunity to make the world a better place and it will never stop, so we should celebrate the victory of successful change. I would like to end this by saying if my grandpa can train and develop his abilities of once only communicating solely in person, to now using (despising) an iPhone, any change is possible. In other words, it is up to us to feel enlightened that we have the ability to develop ourselves and others through the growth that change provides.