You Don’t Need a Classroom to Learn

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Cassandra Lopez

24 April 2017


There’s a lot to think about when you graduate college. Just now I’m sitting at my kitchen table thinking of what I’m doing with my life after I graduate next weekend.


Where will I work after college?

Should I buy more business professional clothing?

Where am I going to live?

How will I see my friends?

How will I stay in shape?

Should I take half a year to travel the world?


Even though my brain is overactive and I always overthink things, there’s still one question that I have yet to ask myself, let alone answer


How will I learn things if I’m not going to classes?


For almost my entire life I’ve learned things in a classroom

4th grade learning about the Gold Rush with Miss Jasper, Philosophy with Ms. Donlin, US Gov with Mr. Floyd, Employee Relation and Retention with Ms. Kemp and so on.


I’ve only ever known to go to class, go home and start homework. After college, there won’t be many opportunities to sign up for classes in this way. So, what’s a post-grad girl to do? I’ve come up with 5 places to still keep up with the times.


  1. SHRM articles
    1. This website is so helpful! There’s so many articles and tools that I can use to reference for things like handbooks, employment law, and other news in the HR world. I’ve got a great memory but I can’t remember everything so the SHRM resources are a true lifesaver.
  2. LinkedInGroups
    1. Since joining a few groups on Linked in, I’ve been able to see a couple themes in the articles being shared. There’s a lot on employee engagement, gender differences in the workplace, and how management is changing for the younger workforce.It’s been interesting to see the different articles shared by the younger and more established professionals online. I read an article how women are not treated the same in performance reviews as men – worth the read for everyone.
  3. Business Blogs
    1. Blogs give great insight to how people are feeling about a particular subject and give experience and context. I’m still new so it will take a while to find the right type of blogger with validity and whose opinions relate to me. . I’m also not an established blogger myself but I can get there one day!! LOL time for more reading!
  4. Wall Street Journal
    1. Even though you have to subscribe to this one, there are so many articles about business that can be useful for HR professionals. I’ve used it for multiple business projects about companies and major trends in business.
  5. News i.e. NY Times, Huffington Post
    1. These are fun. Sometimes they’re really biased and require more digging into the validity and research, but not all sources of learning are perfect. What I like most about this is that not all the articles are about business. I can learn more about health, science findings, and food (one of my favorite subjects).


You can learn from anywhere. My parents are a good example of that. Literally anything I talk to my mom about she turns into a lesson even when I just want to rant but hey that’s what parents are for!