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By Ellen Ensher

For this assignment, students work in small teams (i.e. 4-5 students per team is typical) and have a client that they contract with, perform a needs assessment for, and ultimately design a training workshop for. This is a semester long intensive project and A LOT of work. I am always impressed by the high quality of work that students deliver and this semester was no exception. Typically, student teams work with a non-profit but also work with a for-profit organization or even an on-campus organization- as long as the need to improve training and development exists then I am open to all sorts of clients.

Description of assignment from the syllabus
As a group, submit a 750-1000 word blog describing your experience designing and conducting your workshop for your external client. Include information how you conducted your needs assessment, what your design was like, what worked well, what was most fun, what was challenging and overall what you learned.