Connecting with Power Mentoring Models

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      Connecting with Power Mentoring Models kun-gao-crunchyroll-eric-feng-hulu1Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Gwen Moran, a writer for Entrepreneur Magazine and we discussed how to connect with mentoring models and develop relationships with them. In this article Moran offers some great tips such as:

      1) First, find a mentor, and know what you are looking for
      2) Go back to school – Access your alumni network and university connections through the career center and incubators
      3) Work backward- Do some research and cyber sleuthing on who would-be the best mentoring models
      4) Show up-Find out where a prospective mentor is speaking and show up at industry events
      5) Talk to everyone- Cast a wide net as you never know where your most valuable connections will come from
      6) Be bold- If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
      Every industry has mentoring models- good luck connecting with yours!