Client Workshop Blog Post: Georgee’s Got A Pizza Our Hearts

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Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Who would have thought that designing a training and development workshop would result in us having to eat pizza? Georgee’s Pizza is in the process of getting frozen pizzas into grocery stores and what better way to do this than implementing an ambassadors program? By creating this program Georgee’s Pizza is bringing its mouthwatering homemade pizza to you in the comfort of your own home, you are oh so welcome.

Ambassadors are the heart of any company and at Georgee’s Pizza they will be able to talk for the company even though the delicious pizza already does that enough! The definition of brand ambassadors is passion, emotion, connection and authenticity. These are all things we want consumers to see in Georgee’s Pizza. These ambassadors will not be the typical “lazy teenager” summer worker as seen in movies or unfortunately in other grocery stores, but instead these ambassadors will catch the consumer’s (hopefully that’s you) attention with his or her contagious upbeat energy, knowledge about the current pizza industry as well as how Georgee’s Pizza is made, and by allowing the fresh aroma of the pizza tasters to disperse throughout the grocery store of course.

Some clients don’t know what they want, which is why by introducing these passionate, pizza loving ambassadors, they can show customers what they are missing, especially on those Friday movie nights when waiting for delivery is just not an option. The easy frozen pizza is any pizza lovers dream and the ambassadors will be smiling at the front of the grocery store to tell you all about it… and the best part is… you can taste it right then and there for FREE!

Creating a workshop for ambassadors is fun and easy just like creating your own pizza! We added what we learned from our needs analysis and research and combined it with some engaging, interaction pieces for the clients to participate in and voilà!

The pizza, we mean workshop, is completed. Our workshop provides the “everything you need to know guide” to create a successful ambassador program! The (pizza dough) foundation for our training workshop covered the history of Georgee’s Pizza which is crucial in that it is what makes Georgee’s Pizza stand out amongst its competitors and is information most customers would want to know. Next we moved to spreading the (tomato sauce) knowledge of what the ambassadors will need to do, be, and accomplish to make this change a success. We mixed it up with a couple videos and interactive points to keep the clients from only daydreaming about pizza as well. This information was followed by (cheese) the demonstrations the ambassadors would be holding along with the memorable, “dos and don’ts” of to interact with customer. We topped it off (with some pepperoni) by discussing marketing tools the ambassadors could take advantage of to spread the word about Georgee’s expansion into the pizza industry. Lastly we briefly (sprinkled red pepper flakes) discussed the frozen pizza industry so the ambassadors can show-off their credibility about holding this position to the customers, along with having interesting facts to share and attract their attention. The program ended with an interactive Jeopardy game to review all the information the trainee’s hopefully will have retained.  

As in every restaurant, the head chef gives his cooks feedback when necessary. For us, Jeff was our head chef. Jeff gave us insightful feedback and threw some questions our way to make sure we knew what we were doing. We can proudly say that we are indeed pizza experts and understand how to properly implement an ambassador program.

Hearing from the head chef reinforced what we already knew and gave us new ideas to try as well. We are sticking with our original ambassador training program, but are adding one extra topping (of your choice) to this already delicious pizza. We want every ambassador to go to Georgee’s Pizza and watch the entire pizza making process from the head chef himself. By doing this, ambassadors will be ready for every and any question that the customer might ask during a demo.

This project will always have a pizza our hearts! Yes, we know we are pretty cheesy.

-Rebecca Toy, Kelly Jacobs, Kelsey Dewhurst, Rachel Leisten