Do Mute Yourself Before a Conversation Ellen Ensher TikTok Series

The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Class: A Series – Do Mute Yourself Before Having a Conversation

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There’s no telling what your roommate, your mom or your pet will decide to do while you’re in class. There will be times when all your good intentions to create…

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Zoom Chat Mistakes Don’t Send Inappropriate Chats Ellen Ensher Tik Tok

The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Class: A Series – Don’t Send Inappropriate Chats

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The Zoom chat function during class is great. It allows students to interact with the professor and each other professionally without disrupting the flow of class: “professionally” being the key…

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Career Discernment: Logic and Intuition

Career Discernment: New Research on Making Decisions beyond Logic and Intuition

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The path of our professional lives is driven by several really powerful moments of decision. In these turbulent pandemic times, you may be grappling with a decision right now. If…

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5 Things I Learned About Training & Development Over 5 Years of Volunteering

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By Daniel Perez   Last June marked my fifth year serving on the Board of Directors of the Alhambra American Little League, a non-profit organization providing a baseball, softball, and…

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