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    Kelly Jacobs

    Trying to Adult

    343 529 Ellen Ensher

    By Kelly Jacobs   Me as a professional? But I’m still so young and “professionals” are much wiser and beyond my years! It has yet…

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    Classic blue Ford Mustang with opened hood.

    Trends and Issues in the Automotive Industry

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    As the CEO of Meraki Autoworks, I Joshua Lee, need to be an informed of the current trends and issues in the automotive industry, to…

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    jessica Fong

    How to Find Information: A Day In My Life

    237 228 Ellen Ensher

    By Jessica Fong Growing up, I learned that it is important to be knowledgeable and aware of the world around me. At the beginning of…

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    Two Businesswomen Working On Computer In Office

    5 WaysTo Continue Education – Without Tests!

    1024 683 Ellen Ensher

      “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to…

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    Spark the Exciting Conversations in the Break Room: My Daily Information Feed

    1024 576 Ellen Ensher

    By: Hayden Tanabe   One thing that I have continuously taken for granted is formal learning. Since Kindergarten, education has been the norm; it has…

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    happy couple jumping on the beach at sunset

    Living a Life of Purpose

    1024 683 Ellen Ensher

    Living a Life of Purpose   Emily Gardner ~ Graduating from a Jesuit university, the students are taught to seek an education of the whole…

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    Workplace graphic designer

    Homework Isn’t Just For Students

    1024 683 Ellen Ensher

    Daniel A Perez Dr. Ensher MGMT 3670-01 24 April 2017 Online Professional Persona Project Part Three: Get A Learning Plan Title: Homework Isn’t Just For…

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    The more you know the more you can do

    You Don’t Need a Classroom to Learn

    1024 683 Ellen Ensher

    Cassandra Lopez 24 April 2017   There’s a lot to think about when you graduate college. Just now I’m sitting at my kitchen table thinking…

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    Businesswoman Giving Computer Training In Office

    Claire Garrison – Blog Post #2

    1024 683 Ellen Ensher

    Claire Garrison Dr. Ensher MGMT 3670 24 April 2017 Blog Post #2 So here is how it normally goes. The dreaded alarm goes off, and…

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    My Daily Information Feed

    358 359 Ellen Ensher

    My daily Information Feed   I am a corporate investment banker and so I have to keep up with the current information. Every day, I…

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    Argu Arkan

    Educating Yourself About Education

    566 591 Ellen Ensher

    Argu Arkan I grew up in three different continents, and three different school systems, filled with people from very different societies, backgrounds and expectations. Throughout…

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    Two colleagues giving high five during meeting

    Get a Learning Plan Blog

    1024 685 Ellen Ensher

    Alexis Jehue After spending over a decade in school, I never thought much about how I will continue to learn things when teachers aren’t giving…

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