Getting into a Networking Party with SMART Goals!

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By Taleen Soleimani

Summer 2019 was filled with great memories and amazing opportunities! During one of those summer days, I was able to get into a huge networking party.The party was going to be full of different people like major YouTubers, social media stars, and well-known personalities. How did I do it? I used the basics of SMART goals! The breakdown of SMART goals allowed me to systemically approach this. SMART means specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound.

The party already had a cap by 8:00pm. Absolutely no one was allowed in unless you knew someone. This was the basic Hollywood attitude. Here is the story: At precisely 8:05pm my friends and I were in the car to go to the venue, this beautiful Airbnb in Encino, California. This goal of getting into the party proved to be SPECIFIC, as it was either an entry or being denied entry. The goal was MEASURABLE since getting inside the house and taking multiple photos would measure if I got in or not. The goal was also ACTIONABLE as I had a few game plans in the works to get in. My goal was REALISTIC as it was in scope for me to get in. My invitation was from the person who rented out the Airbnb and coincidentally was the co-host. It also helped that I was dressed perfectly for the occasion. Lastly, this goal was TIME-BOUND as I only had this one summer night to complete it. And so, how did my friends and I do it?

Things don’t always turn out exactly like you think but they do turn out well.

First, we arrived at the venue with a determined mindset. This is when we took action! We went right to the front where security was checking ID’s. Our names were on the list but they said that due to the cap, we would not be let in. Thinking fast on my feet, I started to look around at all my options. I began a conversation with a girl near me named Julia who seemed to be looking for other options as well. While Julia and I didn’t hang out that night, she got into contact with me a few days later via Instagram and offered me some work opportunities at her casting agency.

Meanwhile, my friend got hungry and there was a Gelson’s market down the street. I originally did not want to go but going was the best thing we could have done that night. As two of my friends were standing shocked at the display of cotton candy flavored grapes, I spotted two individuals who were dressed very nicely. They clearly looked like they were going to the party. In that moment, I thought of that meme-like motivational quote by Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I got my elevator pitch ready and walked towards them in an assertive yet confident manner. I explained who I was, such as the content I produce on social media and how I know the co-host.They replied that they would help get me and my friends in since we seem to be familiar with the same group of people. I am so glad I ended up talking to the two that night because it helped us walk right through the house gates. I was reassured that presenting a confident front can help you achieve any goal you aspire. The world always works itself out! That night will forever be in my memories and definitely made my summer what it was.

Here is a photo of us after the party –definitely feeling accomplished!

taleen soleimani