benefits of mentor success stories

How Can I Get Started Making a Big Decision?

When you face a big decision do you lead with your emotions, logic, spirituality, relationships or some combination of these? Most people use one or two styles but everyone can benefit from mentor success stories learning to use all four styles. This new research on career decision making demonstrates that people who use a combination approach to decision making are more satisfied with their decisions and career choices than those who rely on one tried and true method. If you would like a working paper on this new theory of career decision making co-written with Susan Murphy, contact me. Each style has a specific set of exercises and strategies that can be learned and applied to a decision that is vexing you right now. Click here to register and download to try a few sample exercises and let me know how these work for you! And Learn more about the benefits of mentor success stories.

  • A visit with your inspirational mentor
  • Try on your decision like a new pair of shoes
  • Email your inner advisor

Please share some of the big decisions you’ve made in your life below!

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  1. Probably the biggest decision was made 16 and half years ago when my husband and I decided to move from Los Angeles to Columbia, SC. At the time our children were very young – 5, 3 ½ and 10 months. The impetus for the decision was a corporate job transfer for me. The move meant that my husband would leave his free-lance career as a film editor and become a stay at home dad in SC while I took on greater career responsibilities. We made the decision based on a number of factors that included emotional, spiritual, and logical considerations just as you suggest.

  2. Ellen Ensher says:

    Katherine, Thanks for sharing your story! There is a great article in today’s Wall Street Journal about stay at home dad’s- it is great to thoughtfully consider and have all sorts of options!

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